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Correcting Nextdoor Post Data

Oct 31, 2022

Details Correcting Misinforamation on a Local Nextdoor Post

A reader shared a post that Lindsay Adams has out there. She states that we will be over capacity at the High School in 2024 assuming no growth. This is not correct.

If you go to the school board exhibits presented at the August (link below), you can do your own calculations as shown below.

There are two exhibits:

  1. 2022-2023 Actual Enrollment and

  2. Byars Enrollment Chart. The Byars Enrollment Chart assumes growth, even states that in the title. The high

Over the past 17 years as shown by the NE Dept of Education below, "new growth" has been anywhere from 4 students to 34 students in a given school year. The school's projection is the higher end of the range. It is anyone's guess but consider the economic environment and past predictions. Even the board exhibit below showed the school predicted 4,090 in Nov '21 and it came in at 4,058.

Just a reminder that we were over capacity by 150 in 2016 with no portable classrooms and we showed a potential temporary solution of using middle school capacity.

There is time for a new school board to address. If you see the post, please let people know so they can decide. Thanks.

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