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Thoughts on Title IX Lawsuit

Oct 15, 2022

Title IX

Now that the Title IX lawsuit is over, the recent bond campaign information reminded me of a story that was documented. Just before our lawsuit was filed, several varsity softball players were pulled out of class on Feb 4, 2021 with no advanced notice to them or their parents. It was to attend a meeting with 3 adult male administrators and coach. They basically were asked if they prefer a larger press box or would they want a smaller press box and then they will have more money for balls, L Screens, good dirt and such. Not having a frame of reference, the softball girls of course picked wanting balls, L screens, dirt, etc... Who wouldn't? The problem is they were entitled to BOTH UNDER THE LAW. It felt like manipulation of our children. They were not given all the information about the law or how funding works between the various school funding accounts (Bond, General, and Activity).

You might not be aware but there are laws against how a school board and school district can provide information on a ballot question (i.e. proposed school bond) in an election. A number of us have noticed the actions by the school district and contacted the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosures Commission and they issued a letter to make sure the school district is aware of the law. It is the first step of a formal complaint and investigation.

The state law prohibits the use of public personnel, resources, property or funds to support or oppose the qualification or passage of a ballot question. That is, public funds may be used to prepare and distribute information provided the information is presented in a balanced, factual manner and it does not advocate or oppose a ballot question or attempt to persuade the voters. Advocacy may be express and open by exhorting the public to "Vote Yes." Advocacy may also be implicit, subtle, and presented under the guise of "information.

As always, review all the information for yourself. Don't just listen to the information on this page nor just believe school district information. Review the attachment and if you see any "advocacy", please report to this page.


NADC Letter Oct 12.docx
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