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WOWT New Story on Bennington Bond Issue

Oct 18, 2022

Some Bennington residents are concerned with districts $153M bond proposal

We encourage you to watch the full 4 minute segment. They also interview Dr. Haack towards the end and he says two important things:

  1. He does agree that growth will potentially slow down (this hasn't been stated during any bond meetings that i'm aware of.. and it's the whole reason for why we have to pass this "right now". If he also anticipates a slow down, then why not wait a year and see if building costs drop, where interest rates and restructure the current debt with the new board?

  2. He admits that we've been paying "Interest Only" for the past 20 years because Bennington is in a "Rapid Growth" phase. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. House values have doubled. When do you decide to pay down your house.. when you're working full time and able bodied, or when your income slows down and you're headed to retirement?

Watch the news story here:

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